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Why is video the king of all content?

There is this pervasive idea online that content is king, and the king of kings is video. Here at Champagne Pilgrim, we want to make video more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses so they can remain competitive. Here is why video content matters for your small business.

You might have heard that video engages users more, offers better ROI or even stand-alone prophetic statements like ‘video is the future’.

Starting from the obvious place, googling “why do humans love video?” we find out all sorts of biological/psychological rationales for the quest to consume the moving image. For example, people are able to process visual stimuli 60,000 times faster than text-based stimuli.

Video isn’t limited to promotional videos

Use video in its native formats on social media for attention-grabbing content.

Create short video or animated content as part of your overall branding

Use video to expand or detail products or services on your website.

You can use video or animation for training and education for clients, team members or customers.

Use video effectively

Is it that simple? That our brains are driven towards the most engaging stimuli and video tickles that itch?

Well, it does seem like the pace at which we can receive video content gives video the edge over still images or copy. But it’s important to ensure that the video you create retains a user and that they don’t just click away, on to cuter cats in another feed.

What makes someone stick around to watch a video? Especially with short-form ad creative, you have about 3-5 seconds before a user will click away.

Upending expectations is a good way to keep someone engaged, or by using familiar elements in an unfamiliar way. The brain will be hooked by the pattern or disruption to the pattern, wanting to know what comes next.

Another factor that makes video the king of kings when it comes to content is that it stimulates numerous senses all at once. We can use video to tell a story, evoke and provoke thoughts, memories and the dreaded feels.
It turns out that humans LOVE stories. And there is science behind that as well. Hearing stories that we resonate with actually 
releases Oxytocin (No wonder we are all so desperate for good representation in media.)

Lest we forget that video can also forge a sense of intimacy with audiences. Various online video formats like: vlogs, POV, mukbang, tea and let’s plays, all encourage and develop a sense of intimacy between the viewer and the creator.

We create video for small business

We support small businesses by creating videos to match your scale. Get in touch with our team via our “Brief Us” form below, or arrange a call to talk about what we can do to help your business.