Business Startup

Got a big idea that you want to bring to life? Don’t let all the tech stuff get in the way. Setting up an online presence is essential but can take up so much precious time. Leave the nitty gritty to us so you can focus on your business. We’ll help equip you with the digital tools to chase your dreams.

  • Landing Page Development & Hosting. A single page informational website beautifully designed and launched online.
  • Social Media Account Set-up. Account sign up, branding and set up for necessary linking to website or other accounts.
  • Basic Marketing Collateral. Business Cards, Posters and Flyers designed according to your company brand identity.

Social Media

Social Media is a great global platform for communicating with your target market and has become a pillar for brand legitimacy. Maintaining consistency is key to keeping your followers engaged. We can help you set up or overhaul your social media to deliver the branding and content your customers will love.

  • Account Audit and Clean Up. A review of your current social media accounts to tighten security where necessary and remove any unwanted posts and comments.
  • Profile Reskin. Revamping the Profile Photo, Banners and Pinned Posts to match your company’s branding and give the accounts a fresh face.
  • Posting Guide. A reference on what, when, where and how to post to maintain brand identity, improve post quality and maximise engagement.

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns offer the possibility to build long term, personalised relationships with clients. Whether it’s updating them with new offers or reminding them they’ve left items in their cart, connect with your market in a more tailored and direct method.

  • Contact List Clean Up and Import. Removing duplicate, outdated or invalid email addresses before uploading them to your new mailing list.
  • Newsletter Content and Design. Wording and design crafted to creatively deliver your message to clients for promotions or updates.
  • Campaign Launch and Analysis. Initial launch of a series of emails aimed to gather information or increase clicks from the clients with analytics to improve future campaigns.

Brand Identity

Who are you as a brand? We can help you create a visual respresentation of your company that is not only manifested in a logo, but carried across all aspects of your business so clients can identify you and what make you unique.

  • Logo Development. Choose from three logo variations developed based on what you see in your brand and how you’d like to be represented.
  • Branding Guidelines. A reference on how to use your logo, where it should be placed, what colours, fonts and other considerations to maintain brand identity,
  • Marketing Collateral. Your logo and branding design can be applied to business cards, letterheads, posters, packaging and even uniforms.

Content Writing

Many of us have brilliant ideas but don’t know how to put them into words. Luckily, we have some amazing wordsmiths on our team who are gifted with the powers of poetry and a strong vocabulary. One way or another, we can help you deliver your message that is both creative and effective.

  • Social Media Content Calendar. A collection of media and captions scheduled for a month depending on how often your social media accounts need to updated.
  • Short and Long Form Content. From simple blog posts to detailed articles, all written by a member of our team based on information you provide or our research.
  • Website and Brochure Copy. Eloquently composed text copy about your business for both online and print media.

Online Store Set-up

E-commerce or Online Stores allow a business to earn 24/7. Customers can view and purchase your products at anytime from anywhere. Your market is no longer confined to your location, but now accessible globally. Taking your business online can also lower overhead expenses.

  • E-commerce Set-up. Selecting and setting up the correct e-commerce platform for you, whether it’s Etsy, Shopify, Amazon or more.
  • Dropship Store. Dropshipping eliminates the hassle of holding stock and will allow you to start your business faster with minimal capital investment.
  • Product Management. Product specification, descriptions and inventory input depending on the type of online platform your business requires.

Full Package

A one stop solution for all the tech issues you’ve been battling. We’ll handle everything digital, from how your business looks online to customer interaction and data system organisation. Our team’s diverse skill sets allow us to tackle every problem with individual expertise for an overall effective result.

  • Branding. Logo Development, Branding Guidelines and Basic Marketing Collateral
  • Website. Single page or multi-page, depending on your business needs.
  • Social Media. Account Set Up, Branded Profile Assets (Profile Photo & Banner), Content Calendar and Posting Guide
  • Customer Relationship Management. Mailing List Set Up, Contact List Clean Up and Import, Newsletter Creation and Email Campaign Analytics.