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How to navigate your social media algorithms (An Introduction)

Sometimes knowing where to start with your digital marketing strategy can seem daunting. There’s a heck of a lot of information out there, but who has time to wade through the data, the sales pitches and the opinions to find the nuggets of gold that will truly help you grow your business to it’s peak online performance? 

We do. 

One of the main bugbears we’re finding with clients these days is the seemingly endless adjustments to social media algorithms and how to navigate them. How do you break through the ever-evolving glass ceiling of Facebook’s visibility algorithm and find a work-around for Insta’s apparent persecution of small business posts? It’s a mercurial, movable feast, and one that can seem impossible to stay on top of. So here’s a list of our Top 3 Tips for keeping ahead of the curve (or at the very least up with it!) when it comes to your social media strategy. 

  1. Keep it personal! 

We’re often told in business “It’s not personal” – but when it comes to social media, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The hint is in the title – it was designed to be social. Back in 2018 – Mister Zuckerberg in his infinite wisdom decided to make changes to his platforms to encourage more ‘meaningful engagement’. Despite IG & FB now being world leaders in the digital advertising space, it means you have to stay connected to your clientele to make it work for you. So if you want increased organic traffic and follows, the four golden rules of SM apply – LIKE, SAVE, SHARE & COMMENT. On Facebook it’s even trickier – because a heart trumps a like, every time. Here’s a fancy infographic about how the FB algorithm works. If you would like a technical explanation to help it all make sense, Hootsuite have gifted the world with a great one here.


2. Live/Video Content is King/Queen etc 

People like moving images and pretty pictures. As our attention spans get shorter…. 

Sorry, where were we? Ah yes – live videos. In 2019, users watched an unfathomable 1.1 billion hours of live video. And with the proliferation of TikTok, Twitch and Snapchat, the popularity of those short bursts of stimulus continues to grow rapidly. Get creative with your content and start going live. Whether on the job site, or a little Behind the Scenes action – or even something more personal to put a face to the brand, people will engage more with your business if they see more regular, interesting live content. 

3. Bite-sized Bits! 

Everyone loves a good snack. Straightforward, short-form, easily digestible content that lends itself to being passively consumed and shared on social media is a sure-fire way to keep your clients eyes on the prize. Use visually engaging images and videos with high design content. Memes, gifs, short videos, quick quizzes, fun infographics and the like, shared in Stories and Dynamic posts, are a great, fun way to attract and hold an audience’s attention. Get playful, get creative and have fun with it. Especially when it comes to stories… they’re only up for 24 hours and then all is forgiven if it wasn’t quite up to scratch. Make it relatable and unique wherever possible, and if you can, try to tag people with quotes from other posts or links to their blog etc to create reciprocal community engagement. 

There you have it! While it might be overwhelming at first, using these three simple steps is a great way to start taming the beast that is Social Media. Head to our website to view some easy to use options for premade social media content. 

Happy traveling, Pilgrims. 

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